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Gun Control Begins at Home

So far, the picture painted by officials is that Adam Lanza was mentally ill, yet he had access to at least three firearms in his home. Why? It’s also been reported that Adam’s mother, Nancy Lanza, whom Adam lived with … Continue reading

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I Hate This Video

I’ve taught proper firearms handling, safety and shooting to hundreds of boys over the years. I’ve taught a great many adults as well. It’s one of the things I do. Inevitably, one or two in the group think they know everything already because they hunt or have had a BB gun since birth. Continue reading

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Daughters Like Firearms Too!

Whoa! Big difference. One shoots a tiny little bullet with almost no recoil and no shock wave. The other shoots a pile driver slug with incredible recoil and a shock wave that’s, as one observer put it, “Biblical”. Continue reading

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