Adult ADD/AHDH is a real neurological disorder which affects 4% to 6% of all adults. It’s not “all in your head” and it wasn’t “invented” by the pharmaceutical industry.

Most Adults with ADD have suffered it all their lives. Most experience a revelation when diagnosed and begin researching their disorder.

Symptoms are almost always chronic. They manifest themselves as a longterm pattern of behavior. For example, forgetfulness, being late, and the inability to complete projects are all very common symptoms. There are often co-morbid neurological disorders such as depression and/or anxiety involved. However, just because you are late once in a while or occasionally forget where you put your keys, doesn’t mean you suffer from ADD.

If you believe you may have ADD, the place to start is with a qualified health professional. Your family doctor for instance. However, be aware that many physicians still believe that ADD/ADHD is a “made up” disorder and may tell you that its “all in your head.” If you’re in this predicament, get a second opinion.

Many Neurologists and Psychiatrists are well versed in the diagnosis and treatment of Adult ADD. If your family doctor isn’t familiar with ADD, ask for a referral to one of these specialists.

For more information, visit these websites:

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