Gun Control Begins at Home

So far, the picture painted by officials is that Adam Lanza was mentally ill, yet he had access to at least three firearms in his home. Why?

It’s also been reported that Adam’s mother, Nancy Lanza, whom Adam lived with and was his first victim, was keenly aware of his mental problems. Also, she was a firearms owner and had taken her sons shooting on several occasions.

What we have not heard is how her firearms were stored in her home. I would like to know.

In a home with a mentally unstable individual, even if that individual has previous firearm training, it might be a good idea to keep access to firearms tightly controlled, don’t ya’ think?

Firearms Safety and Gun Control begins at home. If you have a cavalier attitude towards firearms safety, you’re putting yourself, everyone in your household and anyone in contact with those in your household at risk.

I don’t have any proof, but I believe parental negligence to be the root cause of the tragedy in Newtown, CT. I believe mom did not follow proper precautions when storing her firearms. Especially considering she had a mentally ill son living with her. I hope I am proven wrong.

I hope, for her sake, it was purely this kid and his demons. I hope we find out he broke into her gun safe, took the guns without permission and proceeded to carry out these horrible deeds.

If otherwise, all the victims including Nancy and Adam may have paid for her negligence with their lives.

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