What We Need is a Strict Constitutionalist, Not a Businessman

I have never been a Mitt Romney fan. He seems to be a pleasant person, but my research into his political and business dealings have left me with an uneasy feeling.  Many of my friends and acquaintances think that his vast business experience is what we need to turn our country from the brink. Mr. Romney keeps telling us that we need jobs and he knows how to create them. However, and this is key, I can find nowhere in the U.S. Constitution where it says that one of the duties of the President is to create jobs. As a businessman, he has a record of creating jobs. However, the skills of a businessman are not the same skills required of the President and creating jobs isn’t listed in the Constitutional duties listed for the President.

There is a reason why this duty is not in the U.S. Constitution: The U.S. Government is NOT a business and SHOULD NOT be run like one. It should be run by strict adherence to the contract established by The Many States, The Constitution of the United States of America.

For many years the people elected to run the U.S. Government have ignored the boundaries of The U.S. Constitution either out of sheer ignorance or for personal and political gain. With the passage of the Seventeenth Amendment, The States have largely abandoned their obligation to enforce their contract with each other.

The ignorant masses of all political persuasions, whine and complain about how they are treated by their government, elected leaders, politicians and bureaucrats. Yet they refuse to educate themselves on how The U.S. Government, as defined by The U.S. Constitution, is supposed to work. Like spoiled children, they demand solutions for their situation in life, but few will put forth the effort to actually learn their role in the process.

Until the people become educated in their role in controlling their governments and demand a return to strict Constitutional government, the four-year cycle of election, disgust, election, disgust will repeat until one of two things happens – The Government collapses from underlying economic instability resulting in a pseudo-anarchy or the Government moves into a dictatorship. Fortunately there has been some movement toward self-education.

Electing a President who is a strict Constitutionalist, a person of resolve and conviction who will wield the power of the Presidential Veto without regard to his own popularity and in favor of The U.S. Constitution, is the answer to our predicament. However, to do so will require the people to understand the proper role of government and be willing to forego government solutions to their problems. It will require the people to understand their own role within the process of government through self-education.

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