Another New Eagle Scout

Today, Sunday, April 15th, 2012, the world is a better place: My nephew, Michael King, will have the rank of Eagle Scout conferred upon him by the Boy Scouts of America.

Michael has already accomplished some incredible things in his short life of nearly 16 years. After the April 27th, 2011 tornado outbreak, Michael’s Eagle Project was to help school kids in Phil Campbell, AL. Phil Campbell was obliterated by a tornado that day. Before school began in the Fall of 2011, Michael organized a team, promoted his project, gathered supplies, raised money and delivered 175 backpacks full of school supplies and $7,500.00 in donations to Phil Campbell schools.

Barely 4% of boys registered in the Scouting program ever become Eagle Scouts. Yet Eagle Scouts stand out in the world as people of character and accomplishment. The first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, was an Eagle Scout as have been many Astronauts. Gerald Ford, Ross Perot, James Richard “Rick” Perry, Steven Spielberg, Mike Rowe, William DeVries and Eugene Calvin Cheatham, Jr. are others.

Scouting Magazine has published an article on a study by Baylor University showing the way Eagle Scouts differ from the rest of us. I encourage you to read it.

Michael, my hat is off to you. You’ve succeeded where I and many others did not. I know you’re life will be filled with many proud accomplishments all of which will make your family, friends and, most of all, your Scouting Brothers, very proud.

Congratulations Nephew!

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