Why I Believe Time Travel to the Past is Impossible

I’m no spring chicken. I’m no physicist either. However, I’ve always had an interest in physics. I took several physics classes in college, I’ve read more than my share of books written by physicists including Einstein, Hawking and Newton.

I’ve also had more than a passing interest in time travel. Einstein theorized that time travel into the future was possible and experiments with atomic clocks and speedy planes actually proved it. However, time travel into the past has been a sticky wicket.

Einstein postulated that a physical construct called a “wormhole” might hold the key. This is a theoretical phenomenon where a shortcut exists between two places in space time. To date, no wormholes have ever been observed, but let’s discount that for a moment and for the sake of argument let’s postulate that wormholes exist, are stable and we can travel through them.

For the moment, let’s jump to another generally accepted theory in physics, the First Law of Thermodynamics. This law states that all the matter and energy that existed at the start of the universe still exists today. It has only changed forms from matter to energy or energy to matter via Einsteins E=mc2 equation.

So, here is the rub. If at any given point in time and space we know that the energy and matter is constant, how would it be possible to move energy and matter from the future to the past? Doing so would surely violate First Law of Thermodynamics, would it not? Think for a moment, if I were to travel into the past using Einstein’s stable wormholes to meet myself, a great deal of the matter and energy in my current body would be the same matter and energy that was in my past body. How can that happen?

It can’t. Doing so would violate the First Law of Thermodynamics. The Universe at that point in time would suddenly have an increase in energy and matter which the First Law says is impossible.


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  1. Jiohdi says:

    for time travel into the past it is assumed that a past exists to travel to… there is no reason to believe that the stuff which WAS over there a day ago is anywhere other than it is right NOW… it moved from THERE TO HERE and if I could make a machine to move me back to where it WAS, there is no reason why IT would move back THERE with me… and no reason for me to find it THERE because it moved to HERE and only I moved to THERE. Spacetime is made of 4 co-ordinates but what is often forgotten is that MASS is a thing to reckon with as well…. and needs to be part of any time travel equation… moving Mass@T1H1W1L1 to Mass@T1-xH1-xW1-xL1-x does nothing to the rest of the universes mass which is going to continue moving on from T1 to where ever it is headed…. you would have to have some force that not only operated on the travelers mass but all masses involved.

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