WYSIWYG Web Editors – No Progress in More Than 10 Years

Why is it that Website WYSIWYG editors seem to have made no progress in over 10 years? Why is it that I can lay out a page in Microsoft Publisher and push, tweek, rotate and flow text any which way I want, but if I want to do anything close with a web page, I am reminded of how difficult such tasks were on a Commodore 64?

HTML, AJAX, ASP, PHP and the other ABC's of web design are as much a discombobulated mish-mash of uncooperative technologies today as they were 10 years ago. I don't want to have to think about how these technologies operate. I want to be able to edit my page

Why the rant? Today, I was trying to simply put an image into a blog article. I wanted the text to flow around the picture. Do you think I was able to achieve it using the WYSIWYG CKEditor I had installed in WordPress? Not a chance! Even when I directly edited the HTML, it wouldn't render how I wanted. WYSIWYG editing of web pages is stuck in the dark ages of computing.

My kingdom for a decent WYSIWYG editor!

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