Where’s the Wave, Google?

Google Wave promises to transform the way many of us conduct collaborations on the web. However, there is one problem: Google hasn't released it for general use! Pundits, including me, are asking the question – Why?

In development for several years, the official preview was given to a large group of Google maniacs in the Spring of 2009. There were still a few pieces missing, however, the product looked polished and ready for a large scale beta. Many, many people asked for invitations. I received one several months later. I also received 25 invitations to give away. So far, I've extended 3; Google has yet to send them out.

So, Google, where is the Wave?

If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, go here: http://wave.google.com and watch the (long) video.

If you want an invitation to join Google Wave, let me know. I just can't promise when Google will send it to you.

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